Johannes Lindblom

Johannes Lindblom, Andreas äldre bror, har också skildrat barndomen i Askeby.

Johannes Lindblom (1882-1974) was a professor in exegetic and rector magnificus at Lund University. He arrived to Askeby congretation as a child, when his father Christian Fredrik Lindblom was appointed as reverend in 1886. His memoirs in “Från Askeby till Uppsala – Minnen ur mitt liv” (From Askeby to Uppsala – Memories in my Life) were published with an ample comment by Professor Oloph Bexell in 2011. In this book we get to know about Johannes Lindblom’s childhood in Askeby parsonage, as well as about his period of studies and researches.

The section about childhood gives us, combined with the brother Andreas’ “Lille Jonathan,” personal and very interesting insights of how life in and around a parsonage in the countryside appeared during this time. Read about the two brothers’ different experiences of celebrating Christmas at the parsonage!